We provide a plan that is based all around you, and the foods you love. You receive not just a coach but a mentor and a friend to guide you throughout your journey- 80% Coach 20% Plan 

Analise L.
F4T has been a game changer! A very worthwhile investment & I’d definitely recommend them! I’ve always loved fitness, train regularly and eat healthily...however, I wasn’t achieving body composition goals and had got a bit lost in trying over lockdown. F4T quickly made me realise where I’d been going wrong and has helped me correct an overly restrictive, unnecessarily rule-bound approach to food that was in no way helping me. My food plan was enjoyable, sustainable and flexible when needed, but most importantly, completely nourishing in the right way for me! Having a Nutri-Coach on hand to guide and support me was the differentiator though...Coach D is brilliant!! Patient (with all my questions!), understanding, positive and supportive every step of the way - so grateful for all his help!Since joining F4T, I’ve lost fat, gained muscle and am training in a much better way now I’m properly fuelled. However, I’m also sleeping better than I have in years and my mindset is far more positive. Thanks to Coach D, Scott, Eden and all the F4T’re doing great things!! 💯💫
Emma C.
I joined in November 2020 after getting extremely frustrated with all the extra cardio I had added in during lock down and nothing budged on the scale. I had been previously attending the gym frequently and lifting heavy weights but I could not get the fat to budge! I also tried all sorts of different techniques including low calorie, high calorie, high protein and even some well known mainstream diet plans and nothing worked. I really thought something was wrong with me. A friend mentioned to me that her friend had been using Food4thought and she looked great, so I thought i’ve got nothing to lose by trying it. So after a two week holiday after eating and drinking what I wanted I tried the plan. After the first week I lost two pounds and thought well thats holiday weight, then week by week consistently, I have lost between 1 and 2 pounds. I am absolutely shocked and so pleased that I now don’t see a diet, its a way of life. It includes all foods that I actually enjoy too.Its also worth noting that I eat a plant based diet which traditionally has always been difficult for others to work with but food4thought were fantastic and clearly don’t expect people to just eat chicken, rice and peas! My coach Scott is always there to help with any food choices and also helps plan around any meals out and understands sometimes life gets in the way but you get back on it the next day! I have recommended food4thought to two people now and I hope their journeys are as good as mine.
Elle A.
The best and only thing to come out of 2020! and most certainly the only thing I’m so looking forward to continuing in 2021. Nothing else compares... no really... it doesn’t! A simple easy lifestyle plan to suit me and my life. Wether your a busy body mad hatter or a simple calm and organised person, this just fits. The most unique offering of food 4 thoughts is having an experienced personal nutri coach. Needing a nutri coach is like needing google in your life... or even having a version of Alexa but in the form of a real human! advice on diet, inspiration, motivation, fitness or just a friend.. and it’s personable and always at reach. In a world of information overload which is nothing but overwhelming, Food 4 Thoughts is the one simplified service that is going to get you through life! Simply recommending this service is not enough.. its a must to at least enquire as it’s not a diet... being a logical black and white sort of person I’ve always been skeptical but the motivation received from my coach has inspired me to become the healthiest version of me and I will be and f4t advocate for life. Thank you Eden😊
Charlotte R.
So after years of training on and off, I never really saw any drastic results. Along came COVID and lockdown and instead of falling into the trap of being lazy and eating everything in sight, I decided to keep to daily home workouts and eating healthy. I was determined to shift the extra weight I’d gradually put on over the last couple of years. 3 months in and I was so upset, I was working out really hard, hitting CrossFit post lockdown and eating healthy. I tried the whole calorie counting via my fitness pal but hated it. I still thought I was in a defecit but nothing was changing. The weight remained the same and I still looked the same. After months of working out, it really got me down and eventually I cried and wondered what on Earth I was doing so wrong! I then came across Food4Thoughts on Scott’s insta and everything he said resonated with me. ‘Tired of training but not seeing results?’ YES!! I didn’t even think twice about signing up, I knew I’d tried so hard on my own and it just wasn’t working. This was an investement I needed to make for myself. I can say now, it’s the best decision I ever made. Eden has been my coach from day 1 and he’s been amazing. I never expected to see the results I got after only the first month! I’m converted to this way of life and I love having a structure to my meals, never having to wonder what to make for dinner! I’m never bored of my plan and love all my food and snacks. All I remember at the beginning was ‘Wow, do I really eat ALL this food??!’ Somehow I was eating more but I was FINALLY seeing results! I love that I can also factor in a few cheeky drinks here and there and meals out too. Thank you Eden, you are amazing at what you do! You’re not just my nutrition coach, but a friend for life now (sorry you’re stuck with me!) 🤣 If you’re thinking of signing up, stop thinking and just do it! 💚
Heather D.
Joining the F4T family was honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. Ive tried so many other things over the years to loose weight and tone up, this plan has taught me what I’ve been doing wrong for so many years, not fueling my body in the right way!! I still eat the foods I love, I’m never hungry, and I still feel like sometimes I’m eating too much! But I’ve learnt now that I’m not and to just trust the plan.IT WORKS!!! been on the plan 10 weeks, had a few days of for Christmas, which I enjoyed but felt so bloated and rubbish after and was exited to get back on it, ive dropped over 7KGS and my body shape has completely changed for the better!! My coach Simone is AMAZING! always there when I need her, she’s so positive which I love ❤️ the F4T team are all so lovely and so glad the page has been created!! cannot wait to see what we can all achieve in 2021!!! 💚❤️💚❤️
Emily A.
Single Handedly the BEST Decision of 2020 🙌 I love training and the gym but was stuck in the same cycle not hitting my goals whole heartily and not getting In any better shape if I’m really honest! Now I know it’s all the nutrition that was my issue and with my coach dimitri by my side I feel 100% better in myself and seeing the small changes and the little wins knowing I’m that step closer to my bigger goals it’s amazing! I now feel not only am I now fuelling my body in a better way but I’m always learning everyday and the changes are not just psychical for me but the things F4T has done for my mental health is second to none 💫 I feel like I’m growing everyday into the person I knew I was but just didn’t know how to become the BEST VERSION 🙌I love the support I have from Dimtri he makes me feel at ease, that no question is a silly one and that he believes in me fully and that I now have a new friend as well as a coach; that alone makes me feel determined to smash my goals 🙌This has changed my life for the better in so many ways and I absolutely believe that investment in yourself is so important and I can’t wait to take on 2021 with Coach D, Scott and the F4T family by my side 🙏🏻 I WOULD RECOMMEND TO EVERY TOM, DICK AND HARRY ALWAYS 🗣🎉Love Em xx
Shannon L.
The best decision I made in 2020 was signing up to F4T. I couldn’t believe that you can eat all the foods you love and still have amazing progress. It has completely changed my relationship and attitude towards food and I can’t wait to see what progress I make in the next 3 months with the help of my coach Simone & the F4T family!💚
Kkatie B.
One of the best decisions that I have ever made...Food 4 Thoughts is not a diet, it’s maintainable, personalised and having a coach supporting you along the way is incredibly valuable. Feeling the best I have ever felt both mentally and physically, I cannot recommend F4T enough! 💚
Lauren K.
Food4thoughts is amazing. I hate using the word diet because this is not a diet. Its a lifestyle. The quality and expertise of the nutricoach is the best in the business, alway on hand to offer motivation, advice and guidance.The plan is only the start. It is so simple and easy to follow so you don't need to worry about how many points or how many syns as everything is accounted for. All that is expected of you is that you are accountable for your own actions which is not too much to ask. If you are considering joining then stop considering start doing.
Sarah L.
When I first made contact 6 months ago I honestly thought I'd be happy shifting a few pounds because I had tried everything. I was exercising 3 times a week but getting nowhere. My coach Eden put a plan together and I haven't looked back. I'm the lightest I've been since having my 2 children but more importantly I feel good. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 1and a half stone. My only regret is not doing it sooner. 💚
Emma S.
I started my journey with F4T in September and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s not a diet, it’s a whole new lifestyle. It’s the first time in years that I’ve been able to lose weight, and all while eating an amazing amount of food. But the biggest change for me isn’t on the scales, it’s the positive effect it’s had on my mental health. I feel like a different person in such a short amount of time.I cannot wait to see what the rest of my F4T journey looks like 💚
Natasha E.
Started off a cynic,, now I’m a huge fan. A friendly voice on the end of a voice note, nothing is off limits.I am loving food again,, I don’t feel overwhelmed or bamboozled anymore with the eat clean, no carbs, 5:2, intermittent that was flowing in my head every time I had to put a meal together. I’ve seen good results and can’t wait to continue in 2021 and see the exciting ideas come alive that the guys have 😃
Paige R.
I joined food4thoughts at the start of December...never in a million years did I think I would start such a fabulous journey just before christmas. Normally I go into December with the "I'll have it, it's Xmas soon" attitude and this was the first year I wanted to go into Xmas feeling good about myself. I have only done 4 weeks but have already signed up for 6 months which is a huge step for me. I have done plan after plan and diet after diet, smashing the gym and changing my eating habits. Starving myself and not enjoying food to then go on a huge binge and giving up because I barely saw a difference.The difference in my photos after just 4 weeks was worth way more than a number on the scales. My coach Izzy is amazing, so supportive and friendly from day one! I couldn't believe that I didn't feel hungry and that I had chocolate on my plan! It isn't a diet ! It's a lifestyle change and I love the feeling of being part of a community. I also love that you can message your coach to adapt your plan if you have plans or you fancy something in particular. Its so nice knowing it won't affect your progress but you can still enjoy life and socialising! So excited to continue the journey and to see where I will go. And I look forward to seeing other amazing people achieve their goals, it's inspiring! Thank you food4thoughts for offering something different that works!!! 💚💚💚💚
Katrina S.
F4t's won me over instantly when I was told I could still eat chocolate and have a glass of prosecco. Er hello, how amazing is this? There was not a mention of you must eat "so called" rabbit food, infact this is the complete opposite to what F4t's believe in. I did not want a quick fix diet and so stress look elsewhere if this is your aim. It's totally a life long plan resulting in the best health decision you'll ever make, whatever your goal. I have been able to achieve mine by eating all the foods I enjoy without any restrictions and have control to adjust my plan at any time by communicating with my coach. This was music to my ears as I was continously put off by "diets" and their demoralising unsustainability. The unique tailored plan I have is unreal but is massively side stepped by the main attraction and difference to anything else out there on the market - your very own Nutricoach. This is a total game changer.I didn't fully comprehend what having my own nutricoach coach actually meant. But I soon realised that I was part of something incredibly special - these guys are in a league of their own. I had been desperately trying to find a solution for my insanely unhealthy relationship with the scales and to treat my body with the respect it deserves. Years of frustration, knowing what I needed to do but failed time and time again. However this has changed. During the past 5 months not only am I feeding my body right but I am feeling the amazing benefits of doing so; better quality of sleep, increased self esteem and a new zest for life. I am literally skipping through life to the point it may verge on annoying for some people 😂 Most importantly for me I am no longer a slave to the scales and have started to like who I see in the mirror and this is not just from a physical aspect. So, how does it work? Your coach is on hand through WhatsApp and is genuinely your biggest supporter. The relationship you create becomes a friendship which I never anticipated. Eden (my beloved coach) always has my back but will equally be 100% straight and honest with me. Despite some old habits occasionally making an appearance there is no lecture, judgement or stern words. Instead he simply tells me to put it behind me and get back on the plan - no harm done, BUT you do need to stick to the plan if you want to reach your goals and his power of belief has blown my mind enabling the change of my mindset. Accountability for me is without a doubt the key to my success and is what makes F4t's different to others. Sounds so simple but in a previous life I would have totally self sabotaged and let the guilt take over if I dipped my hand in the cookie jar. And kidded myself that I can just start my "eating healthier" on Monday, or the next month, or year....!!! Personally without the continuous support, guidance and love from my coach this change in mindset would never have been possible. The plan has given me a massive boost and for the first time in such a painfully long time I feel like I am back in control and that I have a new found focus - me!!! And I have every confidence and trust that I have the best coach anyone could wish for. The whole team at F4t's are wonderfully passionate about what they do and want the greatest for their clients. Their experience and wealth of knowledge have made the impossible become possible for so many people. I love the fact that we are all on our own individual journeys but united by wanting to be the best version of ourselves. Finally, do not let the cost of the plan put you off. I have given up my daily share bag of Malteasers and a can of Diet Coke which equates to the exact amount. Absolutely worth every penny and more. Everyone deserves the chance to become the best version of yourself which is yours for the taking if you jump on board with F4t's.
Zoe O.
looking forward to starting my journey next week
Ellie A.
Food 4 Thoughts really is all about you! I am a female who wants to gain weight and my coach is completed dedicated to helping me achieve my goal! Struggling to gain weight, to already see results after 6 weeks is extremely pleasing! The ease of contact and flexibility around my lifestyle really makes Food 4 Thoughts unique too.Your goals can literally come in all shapes and sizes and your nutricoach keeps that at the forefront of their minds. You can ask your coach to change your plan to better suit your lifestyle at any time too! Food 4 Thoughts is a service I couldn't recommended enough! 💚
Gabi S.
no other words than life changing and that's only into my 5th week. I wish I'd started earlier hands down the best thing I've ever done so far! 💚
Amanda R.
F4Ts is all about the dedicated support from the coaches, not only do they do all the hard work by creating your plan they sit centrally to everything you do. They will be your biggest supporter on your good days and will pick you up on your bad days! They make the experience safe and supportive so you can be totally honest and open up. They genuinely want you to achieve your goals and live a healthier and happier life! Good food, good minds, good community, good times 👌🏼
Lisa S.
I started on Food 4 Thoughts mid way through December. At the time I thought I would regret that given Christmas was round the corner. However, knowing that I have an amazing plan with all the foods I love on there, and also knowing that I have to check in with my coach (the amazing D 💚😁) helped me stay on track! I had 2 days fully of plan and a third half on half off, honestly I couldn’t wait to get back! I haven’t over indulged for the first time in years and coming back to work today I actually fit nicely into my new clothes that I treated myself too! New Year will be a challenge for me but I am sure with the support from D I will be able to get through it with a smile on my face 🤩💚
Dannii D.
I 100% reccomend F4T! 💚 This is the only plan that I've actually stuck to the most and wanted to keep on with the journey. I've tried lots of other diet plan things and I can honestly say this is by far the best and also its just so simple to follow- I haven't got to work out my calories or anything its all done for me on my own personal food plan based on the food I LIKE! 😊 And ofcourse not forgetting most importantly having my own nutri coach that I check in with and is there whenever I need to ask anything or advice etc! (The lovely Conor! 😁💚) I feel like the whole F4T team genuinely care about you and your goals and so want you to achieve them.. and thats such a nice thing to feel! A lovely bunch of coaches!! 🙂 I soo reccomend F4T - you won't look back after signing up!! 💚x
Gavin C.
I've been signed up with Food 4 Thoughts now for 8 weeks and I have never felt better. I'm not saying that to try and sell anything to you, I genuinely mean it. I have my own Nutrition Coach that designs my food plan to reach the goals that I want to acheive. It's not your typical diet plan full of rabbit food, it's a plan created specifically so that I enjoy it. My Nutri Coach is on hand whenever I need him, just a message away to answer any questions I may have or if I'd like anything changed in my plan. And more importantly he's always there for me if i need a shoulder. My only regret is not starting this sooner. It's changed my life so much in just a short space of time and I'm in the the best shape I've ever been in. The past few weeks have been tough and I've had my family at F4T to fall back on and keep me focused. Thank you guys for keeping me on track. I always tried my best to diet alone when really I knew nothing about nutrition and how to get the goals I wanted to acheive. Now I do. I can't wait to see what 2021 holds. Let's smash it!! 💚💪
Nazia A.
My journey with F4T started in October after 2 years reading, searching what was missing in my life and not understanding food and realising what a massive impact food has in your life and what a game changer it has been for me. Iv always been a believer that things come your way for a reason and strangers cross your path for a reason. That stranger was Scott 🙏🏽his stories in Instagram inspired me which lead to F4T and now I’m apart of a family and soon community that I honestly believe will change my lifestyle. I didn’t realise exactly how much the plan was working until coming off it over Christmas time, I went back to feeling tired, bloated, low esteem, no motivation and weak. Previous on the plan I slept well, was full of energy, motivated & felt like I had wings ( that’s without red bull)🤣by just simply following my plan which isn’t rabbit food it has my favourite foods & snacks on it. You don’t get that anywhere else. The inspiration & support from the coaches especially my coach (coach deeeeeee)😉is truly amazing. I recommend F4T to anyone who is looking for a healthy body, healthy mind. Like I said it’s a game changer. Roll on 2021 💚💚💚🙌🏽💫
Kam D.
Food 4 Thoughts is most definitely a game changer! They are the best at what they do and help you achieve a positive and sustainable lifestyle! I couldn’t quite believe it when my plan came through and I found it included all my favourite treats! I thought it was too good to be true .... boy was I wrong! Signing up to Food 4 Thoughts is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time. It has helped me end a fairly miserable year on a real high and made me even more excited for what we will achieve next year! I say “we” because it’s not just you, it’s your coach and the community that gives you the encouragement to be better and do better week on week.
Jules K.
Food 4 Thoughts is life changing. I joined in September and have no regrets. The coaches are incredible and so supportive and Eden has been with me every step of the way, including the days I've lost weight and feel fabulous and the days I'm feeling down and just want to binge on chocolate and ice cream! This isn't just another fad diet, believe me I've tried them all, this is training your mindset, eating all the foods you love but learning to do it in moderation and having a coach by your side every day to guide you. I've made so much progress in the last few months, not just in weight loss but I now have better sleep, I'm happier, more confident and have learnt to take time out of every day for some "me time". I'm now a F4T'er for life 🙂💚
Faye M.
I have only been on food 4 thoughts for a little over a month. In that time they have been supportive, understanding and have adjusted and tweaked my plan to suit every whim I have! When you stick to this plan it works! In my first month I went off the wagon, but my coach Dimitri was there to pull me back on! He never judged me, never had a go, even when i confessed to eating McDonald’s and Starbucks 🙈. When I said I fancied chocolate and wine, he put it in my plan ! This is not a program purely about weight loss, it’s about balance and lifestyle. I can’t recommend them highly enough. 💙
Charlotte C.
Where do I start? These guys are really the very best at what they do, there isn’t a question they cannot answer when it comes to nutrition and exercise! When I joined the food4thoughts family I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d tried various other diets/ plans before that hadn’t worked.They explain everything to you to the finest detail so you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing to become the very best version of yourself! You are allocated a coach who will go absolutely above and beyond to help you achieve your goals, because they absolutely want this for you as much as you do! They are the most supportive team I have ever come across, and even though you are given a specific coach (special thanks to Scott Lannon - my coach) every other member of the food4thoughts team will cheer you on and help support you with every step you take to reach your goal. The only thing they ask is for consistency and dedication, which is the very least we can do when they are giving us so much of their time and effort. This programme has not just helped me physically, but mentally also and I already feel a better person just one month in! Honestly this is the best thing I ever did! Thank you guys, let’s smash 2021 food4thoughts style!
Melanie Nickson T.
My food 4 thoughts journey goes a little something like this.....I was at a very low point, fat, miserable, feeling strained from lockdown and eating and drinking my way through a lot of sadness. I was Looking through Instagram and there it was the inspiration I needed, Scott had mentioned Eden in his story as the person who had helped him achieve the best shape of his life by ensuring his nutrition was correct for the goals he had in mind...after a few hours I decided to message Eden, thinking I will go to bed and maybe he will reply in the morning...I will see what he says!! Nope I never got to sleep, within a few minutes that voice note came....the one that changed my outlook on life, state of mind and the confidence to look my self in the mirror thinking I actually look good today. After many questions and chats Eden put together a plan for me to follow including all the food I like to eat, treats included and a ton full of encouragement. Yes I struggled at first the weight didn’t come off week 1 and I was frustrated...after more chats and encouragement I went in to week 2 with a new mindset, week 3 I’d lost a few lb’s, wk 4, wk 5 etc etc.....week 27 here I am, the tools, support, encouragement, tellings off, lessons and laughs have got me to this point. I’m a good few stone lighter, Iv dropped from a size 16 to a 10/12, I’m training hard, I’m committed to a new way of life and I’m HAPPY and healthy. This is now my new way of life, Eden is stuck with me, I’m a LIFER on this plan. All of the team, Scott, Conor, Simone, Dimitri, Scott L and Isabella have all spurred me on. Iv made new friends, not just the coaches but with others who share my journey.Iv surrounded myself with the dreamers, the doers, believers and thinkers, those who saw the greatness in me when I couldn’t see it myself. The F4T Family 💚I can’t thank this team enough and have done and continue to tell others about how great this journey could be for them. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.
Alison C.
I’d definitely recommend Food 4 Thoughts!! I’ve been on the journey with them for 6 months and have leaned so much about nutrition and not only has it’s has helped me loose weight but also helped with my mental health, having more energy, getting into a better exercise routine and overall improving my life! The support is fantastic and inspirational - no judgements, no feeling bad about eating treats and eating food I enjoy. Invest in yourself and join Food 4 Thoughts!!💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Scarlett B.
I can’t recommend them enough! It isn’t a diet (no rabbit food in sight) it’s a lifestyle and one you can maintain forever more. I started in August and never did I think 4 months on I would be 2st down, healthier, happier and in the best shape I have ever been mentally and physically. The process is so simple, sign up, follow the plan and achieve your goals! Nothing is off limits and my plan is full of tasty foods, I’m never hungry and if I ever fancy anything different I just message my coach and he makes it work. It’s all tailored around where you shop and what foods you enjoy. Not only do you achieve goals but you get a friend for your life in your coach. I was teamed up with Conor and never have I met anyone who has believed in me, empowered me and helped me create my best self. The F4T family are your safety net and I for one would be truly lost without them. Your current situation doesn’t have to be your final destination and if you’re looking to invest in yourself then sign up and work with this amazing team and I can assure you, you will become the best version of you. For once I’m heading into a new year with goals I now believe I can achieve and with F4T by my side I know I will. Thank you to my coach Conor and the rest of the team for everything so far, let’s go 2021!! 💚
Maisie S.
Food4Thoughts has changed my life!! In the past I’ve tried all sorts of diets and shakes and nothing has worked for me. Until I joined F4T. I’m loosing weight, feeling fitter than ever and most importantly I’m enjoying it! F4T isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle, a journey, a family. I can’t thank the coaches enough for their amazing support. I have accountability and have never felt more motivated to change my life than I do today, and it’s all thanks to the team. They’ve taught me to love exercise, enjoy fresh air and take time for myself. As well as having amazing food plan that is tailored to you, which makes it even more sustainable. Can’t wait to continue with my journey, and I can’t see myself doing anything else than f4t.
Claire Forman B.
After years of yo yo dieting back and forth to different slimming groups , exercising like mad but just not getting anywhere i stumbled across food4thoughts on instagram . I took my time and read a lot about it , listened to the clients reviews , watched success videos and finally made the jump in October and signed up for 1 month . Within 2 weeks i signed up for another 3 months and will now continue to stay on the plan for as long as they will have me . It’s been one of the best decisions i’ve ever made . Most importantly and foremost it’s a family , all the coaches are amazing inspirational and supportive , there is no judgement, just encouragement and kindness.I’ve lost 21Ib since October but more importantly i feel better than i ever have before and i’m eating the foods i love . I feel happy , content and confident i will get to my goal in 2021 . It has helped with all areas of my well being . I’ve finally found something that works for me . I have changed my plan several times adapting to meals out or something i fancy eating that day , but my coach Conor has always made that ok for me to do . He supports me more than he realises as i know the other coaches do to the clients .If you make one good decision make it food4thoughts it will change your life 💚💫
Ian P.
I don’t even know how to start. I’ve been with food 4 thoughts and Conor since the 19th Oct and what a journey of growth it’s been. Conor has worked with me daily to give me support, encouragement and guidance. He has taught me so much about food, lifestyle, supplements and life in general in such a short time. Conor believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself, now I’m ‘X’ weeks down the line and my body physique has completely changed. However, the biggest change is within my mental health. For the first time in a long time I feel like I’m present in my own life and a massive part of that is down to food 4 thoughts and Conor. The support I’ve received is above and beyond what I ever expected when I joined. I couldn’t recommend Food 4 Thoughts enough. 💚💫
Lynsey S.
I joined Food 4 Thoughts & was not sure what to expect... I didn’t expect my coach to be as amazing as they are... not only has he helped me lose weight but he has made me feel confident & helped my anxiety so so much. Whenever I need anything he is there. They are not so much coaches... they become your friend and confidant. Food 4 Thoughts is family. I cannot wait to continue my journey with them. I will never look back 💫💚
Russell L.
I started with Food 4 Thoughts in July 2020 having struggled with my weight and diet for years.I can honestly say I have not looked back, I have consistently lost weight each week by eating the food that I love and following a tailored diet plan.I’ve lost over 20kg in 23 weeks.The most unique element of the journey and reason you need to join the F4T family is the nutri-coach and people you’ll meet along the way. My coach (Eden) is the best, he’s always at the end of the phone to keep me on track when I need it and I can honestly say I’d now have gotten this far without him.If you’ve dieted for years or are just unhappy with the way you look and want to feel more confident in yourself join F4T and don’t look back!If you don’t believe me the picture speak for themselves! 100% recommend these guys! 💚💫
Charlotte B.
Food 4 Thoughts has become part of my everyday life and I could not be without them anymore. Having been with them since 17th Aug I have lost 2 1/2 stone in 4 months and have never felt happier in myself. I have the best coach, Conor who has helped me through some tough times and kept me motivated at all points throughout this process. He has become a real friend. I can’t wait to continue my 2021 journey with them and to see how far I can push myself to be the best version of me! Thanks F4T 💚
Aimee O.
I didn’t realise how much I appreciated F4T until Christmas came much as I enjoyed the festive food...I missed following my plan, I felt bloated, lethargic...things I didn’t feel when I’m following my F4T plan. I have never come across a plan like it...- Eating food/meals I enjoy and still losing weight, feel great in myself, so much energy!- The coaches are available to tweak the plan if I have something to celebrate or if I just fancy something different.- Having my coach Sim on WhatsApp to message/ask questions! Absolute life changer! Thanks guys 💚
Emily J.
I can honestly, safely and whole heartedly say that Food 4 Thoughts is the best thing that I have ever done! In just a few short weeks I have felt happier and healthier than I have done in years! It is clear to see that everyone involved with F4Ts loves what they are doing and genuinely want to help people to feel their best. All of the coaches are fantastic, they are always there to help you no matter what, even if you think it might be a silly question - I have asked a lot!If you are on the fence about joining the Food 4 Thoughts family join right now, it will be the best thing you do!
Francesca M.
I’ve been on my Food4thoughts journey since August! Eden my coach has transformed my life with his support, guidance and belief! He is an inspiration and without him/F4T I wouldn’t have achieved the results I have!If your thinking of doing this don’t even think twice you’ll never look back if you have the discipline and the desire, food4thoughts gives you the tools to achieve what you probably think is un achievable! I never thought this was possible for me! Thank you team💚
Katie M.
An amazing family of experts who help you through everything dieting, exercise and mental well-being. The best thing I ever did was join and cannot wait for what 2021 brings. 💚💚 I joined in October and I’m down 5.6 kg for Christmas. My coach is always there to hear my worries, concerns and be my agony aunt but also my friend who is guiding me on an amazing journey x Thankyou
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We all know that famous saying:


Food4Thoughts are the personal trainers of the nutrition world focusing on the most crucial component – food!

A plan that is focused around the foods you love

We provide a plan that is based all around you, and the foods you love. You receive not just a coach but a mentor and a friend to guide you throughout your journey- 80% Coach 20% Plan. Don’t be deceived by the fad diets. The “Keto’s”, the “Juicing”, the “Point Systems”, the “Fasting” – they all fall into the same category – calorie deficit.

Calorie Deficit = Calories Eaten < Calories Required

We remove the misleading deceptive packaging and give you the foods you love whilst remaining in a calorie deficit.

Simplicity and genius combines allowing you to sustainably and enjoyably work towards becoming the best version of yourself.


A great nutritional plan alone isn’t enough!
Your F4T Nutri-Coach is your secret weapon.


The accountability and support you coach provides is what makes F4T the next gen, modern day diet stand out from the crowd


Want to tweak your plan? Your F4T Nutri-Coach is on hand to make any neccessary changes to your plan to suit your lifestyle


Low on motivation or fallen off the wagon? Your F4T Nutri-Coach will be there to pick you up and give you a boost throughout your plan


Have a special occasion or an event planned? Your F4T Nutri-Coach will make the necessary calculations to ensure you’re still working towards your desired goals

Holistic growth

Your Nutri-Coach will set you weekly challenges, helping you to grow not just physically but mentally as well.



Check out the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below. If you still need some help feel free to drop us a message on Instagram or fill in our contact form and one of our Nutri-Coaches will get back to you

What makes us different?

Besides our incredible team, the most unique element of food4thoughts is our direct approach. We recognise that there is lots of misinformation on the market surrounding fat loss or muscle growth. In reality, it boils down to one very simple variable – calorie deficit or calorie surplus. Food4thoughts couldn’t make it simpler, “what do you love to eat?” and “where do you shop?”.

When it comes down to achieving your desired body goal, a plan alone is simply not enough. We introduce to you….your very own dedicated nutri-coach, completing the Food4thoughts Formula. This is what makes us different. This is what allows us to guarantee results.

What can I expect from my nutri-coach?

Your nutri-coach is the most crucial component to our Food4Thoughts formula. They are the heart and soul of our ethos and is one of the reasons why we love what we do so much. They are available Monday – Friday with some communication on Sundays. You’ll communicate regularly with them via WhatsApp.

They are the backbone of the business and key to your success on this journey.

What does my nutri-coach expect from me?

Honesty is everything. It is the key to your success. You must trust your nutri-coach, communicate with them regularly (at least 2 times per week) and be open about your emotions and feelings.

  • Check in every week at the agreed time set by your nutri-coach. When you do check-in, be truthful. They shouldn’t have to interrogate you for information.
  • If you’re feeling low or demotivated, then speak to your coach. You’re more than likely to build a very close personal relationship with your coach if you do this. They’re not just your coach, your mentor but also to be your friend.
  • If you have fallen off the wagon, then speak to your nutri-coach ASAP. They will reassure you and move things around to ensure your continued success on this programme.
  • If you have any special occasions or meals out planned, try and let your coach know at least 1 week in advance. This will allow them to manipulate your calories in a way that allows you to still positively work towards your desired goals.

In a nutshell. The people that communicate with their coach frequently and fully embrace the Food4Thoughts process achieve the best results.

Do you cater for different types of dietary preferences such as vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and halal and other religious requirements?
It’s very simple. We cater for everyone. The plan is created according to your specific requirements and tailored to you and your lifestyle. When you sign up, you will complete a questionnaire which allows to create the perfect plan for you.
I don’t live in the UK. Is this programme for me?

The plan is suitable for everyone around the world. The only difference for people currently living in the UK, Ireland and UAE is that we create plans specifically from where our customers shop. We intend to expand in the near future and include different supermarkets from around the world to our database allowing for further flexibility. Our Food4Thoughts promise  is that we will work very closely with you to ensure that the plan is completely and utterly tailored around the foods you love.

Do you cater for food intolerances and pre-existing medical conditions?
Yes. We cater for most food intolerances and pre-existing medical conditions. However, if in doubt please contact us first. We highly recommend you seek medical advice before embarking on your Food4Thoughts journey.
Do you provide exercise plans?
Food4Thoughts is still very much in its infancy, and F4T Fitness is currently a work in progress. At the moment, we do however, provide some generic guidance on exercise, along with live workouts 3 x per week via our social media page. In addition to this, you can expect to be challenged on a regular basis by your nutri-coach with different exciting objectives to accelerate your progress towards your desired goals.
When will I receive my plan and hear from my nutri-coach?
Your own dedicated nutri-coach will be in touch at the very latest 5 days before your plan is due to start with your new plan allowing you plenty of time to ask any questions and do your food shop.
What happens if I don’t like some of the food on my plan?

Be under no illusion. This food plan is all about you. If you dislike anything, then please bring it your nutri-coaches attention. The initial plan we send you is always preliminary and gives you the opportunity to go over your plan in depth with your nutri-coach ensuring that your plan is perfect from the get-go.

It’s absolutely vital that you love your plan. Don’t forget, you can make alterations to your plan as and when you need allowing for an ever-changing plan. You’ll never get bored! This is the beauty of Food4Thoughts.

Do you provide the food for the plan?
No. However, we do plan to incorporate a food preparation service in the near future
I’m trying to lose weight and it seems like there is a lot of food on my plan. Is this right?

This is the most common question from our existing clients. Many are surprised at the sheer volume of food on the plan. However, don’t be deceived. There is a lot of food, but not a lot of calories. We calculate the calories for you based on your body profile and activity level. It is vital that you are completely honest about your current exercise regime provided on the questionnaire. Please trust the Food4Thoughts process. We make things very simple by taking away all the mathematical calculations in nutrition. Follow your plan – achieve sensation results. It really is as simple as that.

How will this plan save me money?
Ask yourself this. How much money do you spend on takeaway’s each week? £20 to £30 per week? How much food do you waste and throw in the bin each week? With Food4Thoughts, you know exactly what you will be buying each week. There is no reason to waste food any more.
What sort of progress should I expect to make on my journey?

Managing your expectations is a key part, not only to your motivation but also your overall success with Food4Thoughts. Your success is our success.

It’s absolutely imperative that you do not become fixated on your weighing scales. Weight loss and fat loss are two very different things…

There are several different factors that affect a person’s weight such as, hormones, water retention, salt consumption, muscle atrophy and bowel movements etc. Just because you haven’t lost weight momentarily, this does not mean you haven’t lost fat. We encourage all of our clients to take measurements and progress pictures throughout their journey for self-reassurance. Of course, for those looking to lose body fat, your weight will decrease throughout your journey.

On average:

  • females can expect to lose 0.5kg – 1kg per week.
  • Males can expect to lose between 0.5kg and 1.5kg per week.
  • On a weekly basis, this amount per week will fluctuate, hence why it’s an average.

Rest assured, when something isn’t right your coach will fix it. Trust the process. If in doubt, give us a shout.

Is there an age limit to those who can embark on the F4T journey?
Yes, as it stands, we are only accepting applications from individuals who are 18+. However, we are happy to discuss management of minors through parental guidance and supervision. We encourage all minors to eat sensible and to exercise regularly
How can F4T help me manage my new weight and maintain?

Food4Thoughts isn’t just about losing or gaining weight. We are so much more. The importance of maintaining weight is just as much value as the latter. Many people yo-yo diet for years unsustainably with no real results, progressing and digressing continuously. This is a recipe for disaster. Let Food4Thoughts create you a recipe for success.

Once you have achieved your desired goal, we will create you a “reverse dieting plan”. This involves increasing your calories periodically and methodically back to maintenance calories. This technique prevents rapid fat gain and prevents you from diminishing your hard work and all you have achieved so far. Along with this we will also ensure that you have the knowledge and tools to make smarter food choices going forwards.


We offer a range of plans to suit every goal and budget. 
Choose your plan from the list below to get started.



£97.00 / month

Get a taste of the “Food4Thoughts Formula” This plan is here as an introductory to Food4Thoughts. You’ll have the chance to embrace this unique, supportive system which won’t allow you to fail. You’ll receive your own designated Nutri-Coach and a four-week personalised nutrition plan.

Our most popular


£291.00 every 3 months

Boost your confidence, boost your self-esteem and boost your way to becoming the best version of yourself with your personal Nutri-Coach and forever changing bespoke nutrition plan. This plan incorporates exclusive access to Food4Thoughts Bronze events and benefits.


Goal Crusher

From: £499.00 every 6 months

Fuel your body, fuel your mind with this goal crushing, mind boosting, physique changing programme. After 6 months you will reveal a reflection physically & mentally you’ve longed to see. This plan incorporates exclusive access to Food4Thoughts Silver events and benefits.


Life Changer

£899.00 / year

Life changed. An F4T brand ambassador, a role model. A completely different person mentally, and physically. You’ll find yourself naturally pushing new boundaries along with inspiring those around you. This plan incorporates exclusive access to Food4Thoughts Gold events and benefits.



Your own personal and dedicated nutri-coach. They are key to your success.
Become part of an ever growing community.
Additional hands on support during emotionally difficult times. Your coach is your friend!
Changes to your plan to allow for special events such as birthdays and weddings etc. It’s all about you and your lifestyle!
Weekly check-ins along with regular guidance and support – we won’t let you fail.
A personalised food plan centred around all the foods you love and even the supermarket you shop at!
Changes and tweaks to your plan at your request allowing for an ever changing plan. You will never get bored!