Scott has spent several years as an entrepreneur starting over a decade ago as one of the highest profile event organisers in the country. Gradually scott managed to utilise his high profile network and progressed on to running one of the UK’s most sought after PR agencies, The Social PR based in Manchester which he still runs today. However, in 2020 Scott underwent a journey of sobriety that lead him to unveil what he now classes as his “calling” in life. The world of fitness and nutrition is now the key focus in Scott’s life and it’s his ambition to use his expertise in business over the years to share this knowledge with thousands of people across the world and develop Food4thoughts into the platform it deserves to be. It is Scott’s mission along with his best friend Eden, to share knowledge with the world in order to help people become the best version of themselves.


For many years I have known that I had this innate ability to not only motivate people but inspire them and help them realise their own capabilities and ambitions. After my battle with cancer in my early 20’s I have always dedicated a considerable amount of time on enhancing my own health through proper nutrition and persistent exercise. For the rest of my 20’s I spent most of my time chasing my dream career as an airline pilot. It wasn’t up until 2015 that my dreams finally came to fruition. Becoming further interested in nutrition, I realised just how simple dieting is and how deceptive and confusing the marketplace is. I noticed my best friend Scott, a victim of this confusion struggling to achieve his desired body goals. After creating a personalised plan for Scott along with regular guidance and coaching, Food4Thoughts was born. We realised, we had something very special and had to share this with the world.

Coach Manager

From an impressive fitness and nutrition educational background I’ve acquired the key skills to not only just coach people on getting results but also to understand where you’re currently at so I can bring the best out of you. With a genuine passion for everyone to succeed around me, I’ll make sure that you achieve everything that you’ve set out to do.

This is a marathon and not a sprint so it’s important that we build a close friendship, have some laughs and share our stories along the way.

Get ready to become the best version of you!



Fitness is my passion and life, along with this my in-depth knowledge on nutrition helps fuel my body to perform at its best. I like to teach my clients all they can know about nutrition and allow them ultimate flexibility with their diets so that they are never missing out on anything they fancy. Also after overcoming numerous health related obstacles throughout my life, I use my own experience to help clients get through their own and my aim in life is to help as many people as I can achieve their goals and to live a happy and healthy life.



Hi, I’m Scott Lannon, nutri coach here at Food4thoughts. I have been involved within the fitness industry in one form or the other for over the past decade. It is truly a passion of mine, as it has changed my life in many ways. Alongside this, being an empath, and supporting others, it brought me to where I am today, working with Food4Thoughs. Being in such a privileged position to help others, on their own personal journeys, to develop, and strive for a better life, not just physically but mentally. I found my true calling, and I cannot be more grateful.

Outside of work, I tend to get out and about, as I love to walk. I have two french bulldogs who accompany my side. They are my world and coming home to them guarantees to put a smile on my face, always.


Nutri-Coach, Fitness Instructor, Business Development Manager.

I have a passion for all things health, wellness and spirituality and I absolutely love helping people achieve their goals. After struggling with my own battles I feel like it’s my calling to help others become the best version of themselves.

Now this doesn’t happen overnight it’s all about small steps in the right direction. I’m by no means perfect but I aim to be the light others wish to see in themselves, it’s all about progress not perfection.



I love where I have got to in life and I love to help people like yourself.. Right now.. couldn’t be any more current and the understanding of my role in life (that’s to help people) help people achieve and become their better selves..

I am a people’s person with a past history of helping client’s look their best, from hair styling to training and most importantly, learning from clients whilst coaching them on their special journey here at F4T.
Customer service at its finest!